Diversity Bookshelf at Cahoots & How to Help

The Diversity Bookshelf at Cahoots & How to Help

What it is:

The Diversity Bookshelf at Cahoots is an effort sponsored by CCC to ensure that middle and high-school-aged youth in our area have access to age-appropriate reading material that promotes diversity of all kinds. We think it’s important that young people who feel different have a chance to read stories that celebrate them. We think it’s important for all of us to read stories that celebrate others.

What we need:

We welcome (and need!) donations, either of books themselves or money to purchase those books, from our members.

However, in order to make sure that the books are appropriate and to maintain an accurate inventory, we ask that you follow the donation process, outlined below.

How to donate:

    1. If you wish to donate a specific title or titles, please choose from one of the approved lists, which you can buy from Brain Lair Bookstore: https://www.brainlairbooks.com/ 
    2.  Once you have chosen a book or books, you can donate in one of these three ways:
      1. Contact Claudia Camargo or Liz Andres to arrange a time to give them the books (or cash/check). They can be contacted via email at – diversity@cccsteuben.com
      2. Drop the books off in the labeled tote in the lobby of the First United Congregational Church of Christ in Angola.
      3. Bring your donation to one of CCC’s monthly meetings.

3. Once your book(s) are on the shelf, Claudia or Liz will contact you to let you know. If for some reason a donated book is not appropriate for the Cahoots’ audience, it will be donated to another group that can make good use of it.