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Last week, CCC hosted multiple events: Book Club, Presents, and the General Meeting. We’d like to take this time to thank everyone who attended and extend a special thank you to all those who helped organize these events. We wouldn’t be able to have these events without all your support, and we’re so grateful to see the growing embrace of CCC, and more importantly, of the social justice, environmental sustainability, and civic engagement CCC represents.

Monday night’s Book Club discussed the Seeing White podcast episode “That’s Not Us, So We’re Clean,” examining the tendency of whites to put more blame for slavery and discrimination on certain parts of the country.

About 25 folks braved the cold to attend the Be Heard open mic night, co-hosted by Cahoots and CCC. There was music, poems and words of wisdom from community member.   All participants had a great time. Hope you can join us next time as this will be an ongoing event.

CCC Steuben General Meeting Minutes – November 17, 2018

Web Content: webmaster@cccsteuben.com  General Questions:  info@cccsteuben.com


  • Remember –Strive to treat others with respect and take responsibility for ourselves thus fostering meaningful relationships among CCC members and also with the wider community
  • Attended by 11: Liz, Linda, Cathy, Jessica, Ashley, Bryan, Sarah, Kim, Bruce, Lauralee, Kathy

Organizational Updates

  • Proposed forming committees
    • Pride and diversity – Claudia
      • Cathy, Jessica, Liz, Claudia, Gayle
        • Contact method: Group Facebook Messenger
        • Goal: Work on Fort Wayne Pride Adopt-a-Family
      • Education and outreach – Robin
        • Book club, Presents, and Diversity Bookshelf will be included in this
        • Robin, Sarah, Linda, Ashley, Lauralee, Liz
          • Contact method: text; Lauralee does not yet have texting, so call her
        • Goal – Lauralee to reach out to Brad, Liz to make contact with The Brain Lair Bookstore, Ashley will make a post about transgender day of rememberance
      • Environment – Kim
        • Kathy, Kim, Lee?
        • Goal – reach out to Lee
      • Set goals (2-3 to accomplish by next meeting)
      • Meet monthly in some form and provide a report update at the general meeting
      • Each group will communicate once and report back at Dec.15 meeting
      • Ashley will contact group leaders with their committee
    • Newsletters will be monthly
      • Recap of minutes
      • Upcoming events
    • For information/events you’d like posted, send them to Bryan/Ashley to post to the website, Facebook, and/or newsletter

Planning our involvement

  • Treasurer’s Report and Fundraising Update
    • Bruce agreed to continue as treasurer
    • We have $422 currently
    • We need to have a process for spending authorization
      • Discussed ideas for this
      • Point person for each committee (Kim, Robin, Claudia) can requisition money
    • Environment Sustainability
      • Michindoh Aquifer Drilling
        • Jeremy Rentz spoke in Pioneer, which was attended by about 150 people
      • Adopt-a-Highway Clean-up after meeting canceled
        • Discussed doing it in March, May, July, and September next year
      • Social Justice
        • Pride
          • Pavilion reserved and paid for June 15, 2019
          • Secured a few partners who are willing to donate
        • Fort Wayne LGBTQ Adopt-a-Family
          • Jessica will contact Claudia about this
          • Stay tuned for more information
        • Book Club
          • “small but mighty” – Linda
          • Library is willing to help promote them, so Linda will be doing press releases to promote
        • CCC Presents
          • Be Heard – November
            • Attended by 25, 10 performers
            • Went well
          • Make America Dinner Again – December
            • 32 participants
            • May need more moderators
            • $5 cost for dinner and moderated conversation about tough topics
            • Co-sponsored by local churches
          • Ideas for January?
          • April Rinehardt – Growing Food to Be Self-Sustaining – February
          • Anne Abernathy – Gardening Follow Up – March
          • Tentatively LGBTQ topic for April and June
        • Diversity Bookshelf
          • 3 new books donated by Liz
          • We’re really top heavy in LGBTQ, and we need more books from other categories, such as physical impairments, mental illness, cognitive impairments, ethnic diversity
          • Bryan to update the link to a local independent bookstore, The Brain Lair Bookstore 714 E Jefferson Blvd. South Bend, IN 46617 574-271-7741 https://www.brainlairbooks.com
            • She will have a suggested booklist for CCC beginning in January
            • Please order the books through The Brain Lair Bookstore

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