November 17, 2018 – General Meeting at 10 AM, Highway Cleanup Canceled

We hope to see you at our meeting today!  Here’s a preview of our agenda.

CCC Steuben General Meeting Agenda – November 17, 2018

Web Content:  General Questions:


  • Remember –Strive to treat others with respect and take responsibility for ourselves thus fostering meaningful relationships among CCC members and also with the wider community

Organizational Updates

  • Form committees
    • Pride and diversity – Claudia
    • Education and outreach – Robin
      • Book club
      • Presents
      • Diversity Bookshelf
    • Environment – Kim
    • Set goals (1-3 to accomplish by next meeting)
  • Newsletters will be monthly
    • Recap of minutes
    • Upcoming events
  • For information/events you’d like posted, send them to Bryan/Ashley to post to the website, Facebook, and/or newsletter

Planning our involvement

  • Treasurer’s Report and Fundraising Update
  • Environment Sustainability
    • Michindoh Aquifer Drilling
    • Adopt-a-Highway Clean-up after meeting canceled due to weather
  • Social Justice
    • Pride
  • CCC Presents

How our members were involved since the last meeting

  • CCC Events
  • Other Events

Get involved

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