CCC Weekly Recap

CCC is pleased to announce that, by partnering with some good neighbors, we were able to donate 20 lbs. of chicken to Street Reach for the Homeless in Ft. Wayne. CCC Diversity Chair, Claudia Camargo, delivered the shipment to Sally from Street Reach, who said, “Thank you so much. I appreciate it more than you will ever know.” The donation filled a particular need, since Street Reach finds bulk chicken prices higher in the summer and Sally is often required to buy larger amounts of meat than she needs. Hats off to good neighbors!

The last of the deliberative dialogues, co-sponsored by CCC and a number of faith communities, wrapped up this past Thursday evening. The final discussion was about energy choices. As with all of the deliberative dialogues we’ve held, our community found areas of shared agreement, ideas for action, and, also, some areas of tension. We agreed, among other things, that the issue is pressing — action is needed now! We also encouraged each other with the truth that individual actions, no matter how insignificant they may seem, do matter. Every little bit helps, and the little bits  can add up to a lot.

The tensions we recognized also had to do with individuality: We worried about who would end up paying for the massive structural changes necessary to create sustainable energy sources. We disagreed about aesthetics and costs and the effects large-scale actions might have on us, in our own homes and neighborhoods and back yards.

Ultimately, though, we put faith in the power of human beings’ limitless power of innovation and in the value that we all place on the lives not only of human beings, but of this fragile planet we call home. We pledged to keep thinking together, talking together, and, most importantly, working together. Stay tuned for more action you can take on this issue.

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