CCC Weekly Challenge: Support Street Reach for the Homeless

CCC has made ongoing donations to Sally Segerson’s Street Reach for the Homeless. Sally started the organization “when I saw a group of people, men and women, living on the streets of Fort Wayne, Indiana, who fell between the cracks” and she chose to step forward “as non profits in this community turned their backs.” Now, she runs the organization herself to protect the privacy of those she serves by providing food, clothing, tents, blankets, and compassion.

Sally has identified that it is really difficult to get chicken for meals during the summer, so CCC members reached out and found a local organization that will donate 20 lbs. of chicken that Claudia will be delivering to Sally this week along with some previously collected clothing items.

This week, our challenge to our members is donate something–chicken, blankets, comforters, socks, underwear, other clothes, gift cards to major stores–and email or reach out to Claudia to arrange for the donation to be collected and delivered. Let’s continue to be, as Sally describes, “such a blessing to her that we will not ever know how much of a blessing we are to her.”

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