CCC Weekly Challenge: Increasing Inclusivity

There has been a lot of talk about diversity and discrimination recently in Indiana. A man accused of defacing a synagogue with Nazi graffiti in Carmel in July was charged. Following the anti-Semitic graffiti, Governor Holcomb called for Indiana to propose and pass a hate crimes bill. Since then, a guidance counselor was terminated from her job after refusing to end her marriage to her wife, which called attention to several voucher schools having openly anti-LGBTQ+ policies.  As our state government decides whether to pass legislation that would promote more inclusive and diverse communities, we can do a lot now to make our communities more inclusive, starting by how we treat others.

This week’s CCC Challenge is to make one small change toward greater inclusivity, and we have some ideas to help get you started.

  • When you meet someone for the first time, ask them what their preferred pronouns are.
  • Have a conversation with or bounce an idea off someone you normally wouldn’t to get more diverse viewpoints.
  • Attend an event (e.g., religious service, festival, local political meetings) where you’ll be exposed to beliefs/customs that may be different than your own and look for the common ground.
  • Be more mindful of unnecessarily gendered language when you’re communicating. Doing things like using the open source tool, Alex, to identify and replace gendered language in written online communications and having a family “guys jar” to donate to every time a family member accidentally genders something gender-neutral and then donating the money to a charity can be helpful.
  • Buying a book to donate to the CCC Diversity Bookshelf, reading it, and sharing what you learned with someone is another great way to promote diversity.
  • Help someone register to vote, so they can have a voice.

Be sure to share your ideas of how to create more inclusivity in our community! We look forward to learning from you.

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