CCC to Co-Host Deliberative Dialogue on Mass Shootings

Earlier, we recapped the deliberative dialogue about the opioid crisis at Cahoots last week. Today, we invite you (again) to join us on Thursday night at 7pm for a second round of discussions. This week’s event will involve mass shootings. CCC has intentionally not taken a position on “gun control,” for the very reason that those words seem inherently polarizing. Thus, this discussion will avoid the simplistic and divisive “yes/no,” “pro/con” approach to discussing guns that has dominated both our media and, more painfully, our social media. Rather, we will be asked to look, together, at the indisputably real epidemic of mass shootings in the United States and to explore the positives and negatives of three separate policy approaches. Deliberative dialogue is characterized by an open, dispassionate approach, a willingness to listen to others, and the common goal of finding our shared values around difficult issues. We look forward to seeing you there!

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