A new name! And and a new General Meeting on Feb. 25!

And…we have a name! At the February 4 General Meeting, which included breakout sessions to tackle community, environmental, and political concerns, the women and men of CCC decided what CCC stands for.  We are the Community Coalition for Change of Steuben County.

If you’re thinking, “Wait a minute! I’m from DeKalb county!” don’t worry. You are part of the coalition. And no, Steuben County is not launching an invasion. We are just trying (as the marketing experts would tell us) to “build the brand.” The brand is democracy and grassroots  community action, which is good for everyone in every county in Northeast Indiana, Southwest Michigan and, well, you know, the world.

Our next meeting will be 9am Saturday, February 25 at the First United Congregational Church, 314 W. Maumee Street, Angola, Indiana. 

Check back here for more info on upcoming events. And by all means, invite your friends!



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