unnamedWelcome to CCC!

The Community Coalition for Change of Steuben County’s mission is to promote awareness of and engage the community in social justice and environmental sustainability efforts.

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Because we are nonpartisan and from diverse political backgrounds, we’ve divided into teams, so that members can do the kind of good they’re most passionate about. You can find out more about each team and get in touch with the team leaders here:

The entire Coalition meets one Saturday morning a month (usually the final Saturday, though check our calendar for updates). The teams also meet separately as needed to work on their projects.  There is a full calendar of events  to which everyone in the CCC community is invited. Many (if not most) of our members participate in multiple team initiatives.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe that positive change at a state and national level begins with positive action at the community level.

To that end, we are committed to supporting:

  • Organize and host community events to promote social justice and environmental sustainability.
  • Provide regular educational opportunities to the Steuben County community, focused on social justice and environmental sustainability.
  • Encourage Steuben County residents to support organizations and events which promote social justice and environmental sustainability.

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