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Earth Fest! 2018

Earth Fest is a free community event meant to raise environmental awareness while also giving people an enjoyable time. Every year, we bring environmentally-friendly vendors, bands, presenters, workshops, and the local community together to...


CCC Book Club March 12th 6:30pm at Carnegie Public Library

At the last book club, people seemed interested in the work of Bryan Stevenson. bryan_stevenson_we_need_to_ talk_about_an_injustice Here is an article on it (Subscription needed): SB125469908713662969 And another: 02/03/us/03bar.html His book, Just Mercy, is...


CCC Book Club: Feb 12th at Carnegie Public Library – 6:30pm

For the next CCC Bookclub, we’ll be looking at the prison-side of the school-to-prison pipeline. Take a look at one or two of the following articles/videos and come ready to discuss. [Ted...